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Bus Transport

Bus arrangement from Eindhoven to/from Kannada Rajyotsava function at Uithoorn on 3-Novemeber-2018.
…..Trip: Eindhoven Genneper Parken – Station (near Flixbus stop) – Rajyotsava function hall – return.
…..Departure: Saturday, 3-November: 13:10 – Eindhoven Genneperpark; 13:30 Eindhoven station
…..Return: leave from function hall at 21:30. Arrival Eindhoven station @ 23:00; Genneper parken 23:30
…..Mode of transport:50 seater luxury bus with pushback seats.

…..On board the bus: Indian movie(s); Kannada songs!
…..People with car can park for free at Gennerper Parken and board the bus
…..People coming to centrum can catch the bus near Flixbus stop, Eindhoven
…..On Nov 3, train line from Boxtel to Den Bosch is under maintenance and needs an extra connection by bus. Avoid this inconvenience by opting our arrangement.

Pricing (for the bus ride only):

 ….For each… Cost
Adult (13yrs+) € 18
Kids (0.0yrs to 12.9yrs)1 2 € 10
1 – maximum 1 child per adult
2 – Rate when accompanied by an adult


Step 1: Send us a request by clicking this button  Booking – Bus to Kannada Rajyotsava

Step 2: In couple of minutes you will receive an email. Transfer the amount with correct comments to the account of P Hireraddi – IBAN number: NL18 ABNA 0522 3970 34.

Step 3: After payment, send a mail to We will send you acknowledgement when we receive your payment.

Terms and conditions:

  1. Seat confirmation is subject to availability of seats. Confirmation will normally be done within 24 hrs. If not done in 24 hours, please send an email to
  2. In case of insufficient numbers, the bus arrangement could be cancelled. We will let you know of this on 1-Nov-2018. Payments made will be fully refunded.


  1. Will I get a seat for my child in the bus? Ans: Yes. It is mandatory by law to give seats to every individual.
  2. Do I need child seat for my child for travel by bus? Ans: No. However you can bring it if you want to.
  3. Will you pickup at my home address/nearby? Ans: To maintain time efficiency, this is not possible.


From Eindhoven… by Public Transport this arrangement
Travel time (one way) 2h 30min 1h 30min
No. of changes one way 4 (train-bus-train-bus-bus) 0
Cost for return journey (per adult) € 21 (train + bus tickets cost even after discount tickets) € 18
Fun factor / Convenience waiting in the cold weather at change over points

only you;

managing kids in the train takes away your time;

get to know other Kannadigas.

Kids entertained by fellow kids;

Guidance self guidance to navigate yourself at change points Don’t bother.. just sit peacefully in the bus till the hall arrives….

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